For February: On Domestic Missions

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My February 2015 article for Orthodox Christian Network’s The Soundings blog:

On Domestic Missions

From January: On Having a Prayer Corner at Home

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My January¬†2015 article for Orthodox Christian Network’s The Sounding blog:

On Having a Prayer Corner at Home

(December was a busy month and I didn’t manage to write a post.)

From November: On Sabbath Time

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My November 2014 article for Orthodox Christian Network’s The Sounding blog:

On Sabbath Time

From October: On Grief and Providing Care

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My October 2014 article on Orthodox Christian Network’s blog The Sounding:

On Grief and Providing Care

From September: On Following Christ

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(Note: This past fall, I started contributing monthly articles to Orthodox Christian Network’s The Sounding blog. I thought it would be helpful to link these articles from here.)

September 2014: On Following Christ

Reading Theology vs. Reading About Theology

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One of my old avoidance tricks when given a subject that has the potential to be daunting is to read about the subject, as opposed to actually reading the subject.

I did a lot of this as an undergraduate in philosophy. I spent an inordinate amount of time learning about a given philosopher’s background, how he came to write his major philosophical works, and finding juicy little anecdotes about his life. The result of all of this activity was that I ended up dancing around a lot of philosophical reading without actually diving in to the texts in any depth.

I’m trying to avoid this as much as possible with my current renewed interest in reading dogmatic theology. I don’t want to fall into the trap of reading about theology at the expense of actually reading theology. Starting with Volume One of Staniloae’s Orthodox Dogmatic Theology, I’ve actually avoided reading any of the prefatory material at the front of the book or doing random google searches to get more background on Staniloae. I’m sure this will come, but not until I’ve actually digested a good portion of the theology I’m currently reading.

Thinking About Theology

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This blog has been on hiatus for a long time, but I have been thinking recently about getting back to it.

Just a brief thought for this morning. I’ve been spending some more time as of late doing theological reading and reflecting. Part of this is a consequence of feeling that my preach and teaching have taken the character of feeling somewhat stale to me.

As I’ve opined elsewhere, I’ve had this nagging sense that I’m doing the theological equivalent of talking about Washington chopping down a cherry tree. We may hear this story in elementary school, but don’t we move past it at some point? Can’t my preaching/teaching move past the same standard Orthodox theological clich√©s?

I’ve recently begun participating in a group that is doing some (for me) pretty dense reading and reflecting on Orthodox dogmatic theology. I’ve found the experience invigorating, even thrilling, but the reading, learning, and experience of the group far outclasses what I am capable of at this point. I can’t belabor my shortcomings in that group and don’t want to slow it down with my own work at “getting up to speed.” I think that labor might better fit with what I could post here.

With that in mind, my plan is to re-boot this blog as a place to dust off my theological thinking and to start sorting out what I don’t know that well.


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